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Snow White – Sun Bright

After three years I was back on skis again and fortunately I didn’t unlearn how to come down the piste without slip and fall. The skiing area we went to was called Kühtai and was located in Austria, two and a half hours away from Munich. I hate waking up early and go out when it’s still dark and cold, but once you’re at the top of the piste and drive down the first time you’re full of endorphins and energy. We had perfect weather conditions. The sun was shining and the snow was glittering and although we had a mild winter the last weeks, it was enough snow there (with the aid of snow guns).

Thanks to Santa I’m now the owner of a GoPro Hero+ LCD and I could try it out the first time while skiing. I wish I had one for my South America trip, because it’s the perfect complement to a reflex camera. You use it when you can’t use your phone or reflex camera because it would get wet or broken. For example during rafting, surfing, downhill-biking or just for skiing. The camera is better than I expected and it’s very easy to handle, furthermore you can upload the pictures and videos immediatley to your phone with the GoPro app. My videos failed, but I love the pictures it made.

I’m still dreaming of a winter wonderland here in Munich, but up there it already looks like one.

From Kühtai with love,


2016-01-03 17.33.11
Perfect view from the chairlift
2016-01-03 17.35.33

2016-01-04 23.11.12

2016-01-04 23.12.02

2016-01-03 17.28.02


Vollbildaufzeichnung 28.01.2016 190809

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