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Bali – a piece of homeland

Bali has always been a piece of homeland on the other side of the world for me. We visit my grandmother and dozens of cousins, aunts and uncels nearly every two years in Jakarta and this visits are always connected with some relaxing days in Bali. As soon as I escape from the airplane and inhale the humid, salty and warm air I recognize where I am, since many memories are connected with this wonderful island. I adore the indonesian food, the people, the temples and religious traditions. We used to stay in the south of Bali, in Kuta, but I’d love to explore the northern part of the island and Lombok including the Gili Islands. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to go there yet. What you most recognize are the heart-warming and helpful inhabitants there. They literally have nothing but their clothes they wear, but they embody such an positive energy and suddenly our first-world problems become so small. Bali will always be one of my favorite places on earth and I know I’m always welcome there.

Here are some todo’s for visiting the Island of Gods: One thing you should do is surfing! Rent a surf teacher for some hours, since Bali is the perfect place for surf-beginners and professionals. You have to try every different kind of food. Indonesian food is so good and cheap compared to western prizes. My all time favorites are Gado-Gado, Soto Ayam, Nasi Goreng, Bubur and Satay Kambing. Drinking coconut or teh botol at the beach is also always a good idea. At the Jimbaran beach you can eat fresh seafood directly at the beach with the feet in the sand and the ocean in front of you. Ubud is in the middle of Bali where the artists, many temples, the famous rice terraces and the monkey forest are located. The watertemple Tanah Lot is only reachable when there is ebb and always worth a visit when the sun sets. If you wanna party, you have to go to Kuta, Legian and Seminyak, you’ll definitely have fun! The sunsets in Bali are famous, so watch the sunset by the sea for example in Nusa Dua. Pasar Sukawati is a very big bazar where you get cute dresses, sarongs, souvenirs and many other things. But watch out, the vendors like to soak turists, so don’t forget to haggle. There are much more things you can do in Bali, so explore the island by yourself!

From Bali with love,


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Kuta Beach2016-02-24 16.27.242016-02-24 16.26.492016-02-24 16.25.592016-02-24 16.25.092016-02-24 16.24.102016-02-24 16.16.232016-02-24 16.15.222016-02-24 16.11.192016-02-24 16.09.482016-02-24 16.07.14
Pasar Sukawati
Pasar Sukawati
2016-02-24 13.21.31
Monkey Forest Ubud2016-02-24 13.20.472016-02-24 13.20.062016-02-24 13.19.082016-02-24 13.18.232016-02-24 13.17.312016-02-24 13.17.022016-02-24 13.14.442016-02-24 13.13.352016-02-24 13.12.272016-02-24 13.10.242016-02-24 13.08.58
2016-02-24 13.07.16
Rice Terrace Ubud2016-02-24 13.06.092016-02-24 13.04.262016-02-24 13.02.202016-02-24 13.01.25
2016-02-24 12.58.04
Watertemple Tanah Lot2016-02-24 12.56.282016-02-24 12.54.432016-02-24 12.53.38
2016-02-24 12.52.47
Beach Nusa Dua2016-02-24 12.51.352016-02-24 12.48.242016-02-24 12.46.53
2016-02-23 22.10.39
Seafood at Jimbaran Beach2016-02-23 22.09.432016-02-24 16.32.222016-02-24 16.31.372016-02-24 16.29.112016-02-23 22.12.21


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  1. Alex Alex

    You did it again! A great post. Love it. Yes, Bali is indeed a fantastic island, perhaps one of the most amazing places in the world.

    All the best to you.

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